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Is it really safe or simple?

In the ever growing e-commerce marketplace, one may find themselves perusing various websites that tout a simple, affordable, do-it-yourself alternative to home security. Specifically, there are a few companies that sell an alarm kit which allows the end purchaser the ability to install the system themselves.

These companies claim that they are cheaper and as reliable as a system from a reputable, licensed and insured security company operating in your local area. They claim that these systems are as secure and attack proof as a comparable wireless security system manufactured by any of the major alarm equipment manufacturers. They also claim that you are letting a possible criminal or stranger into your home when you have a system professionally installed. These claims are totally false and designed to induce fear. What these fear mongering sales pitches don't tell you is that when you allow a professional alarm technician to install a system in your home you will have greater peace of mind knowing that the technician has: 1. Passed a full criminal background check and drug test. 2. Completed training on the installation and servicing of alarm systems and peripherals. 3. Works for a licensed and insured alarm systems company in your state. 4. Possesses the knowledge and expertise to correctly install your alarm system to guarantee problem free operation. In addition to all of this, most alarm companies offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the equipment they install. This means that for as long as you own the system, if a part fails, you will not have to purchase a replacement!

Recently, researchers have found that these cheap systems are vulnerable to "replay attacks" like garage door openers were in the past. There is no authentication or encryption of the radio signals used to disarm the system.

Another drawback of these systems is their aesthetic appeal. These systems look cheap! The keypads look like an old-school throw back from a bygone era. Modern alarm panels have the look and feel of a smart tablet or smart phone. They have a sleek, touchscreen interface and are compatible with mobile apps making system management easy for people on the go. The simplicity of these systems is that you can control and monitor your alarm system from the palm of your hand! A skilled alarm technician will be able to customize the system and tailor it to your specific needs without having to install excessive equipment.

Think about this, if you were having issues with your vehicle and you knew nothing about automotive repair, would you simply order some random parts online and attempt to do it yourself? NO! You would contact a professional in the field of automotive repair and have them expertly install the parts knowing that they have the necessary training and expertise to get the job done right!

Don't trust your home or business security to a cheap imitation! Trust the professionals who have dedicated their lives to mastering their skills, trust a company that is licensed and insured and uses the most advanced alarm systems available!

If you live in south Texas, contact us today for a free security consultation! Our website is:

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