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Why should I hire a licensed company to install my security cameras?

When you think about having a security camera system installed at your home or business, you may not realize that under Texas law, all persons and companies providing these services must be licensed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Why? Is a question that many of us may have. There are numerous reasons and in this article, I will try to concentrate on the most important reasons why you should always hire a licensed security company to install cameras at your home or business.

The most important reason I can imagine that you would want a licensed professional performing these services is your personal safety. In Texas, a person licensed under state law has had a background check and drug test completed prior to their employment with a licensed company. This is very significant because you know that a criminal or drug addict has not been granted access to your property. There are numerous criminals who would like nothing more than to gain entry into your home or business under the pretense of providing "security" for you. If they install security equipment for you, they will know where all your security devices are located and how to avoid and disable them while robbing you blind in the process. Remember, an unlicensed person performing these services is also a criminal under Texas law. NEVER allow a criminal access to your security system!

Next, licensed security companies in the State of Texas are required by law to carry General Liability Insurance. This insurance requirement protects both you the consumer and the licensed company. Unlicensed persons performing these services are not following these insurance requirements and in the event that they damage your property, you will not have the protection of a General Liability Insurance policy. If an unlicensed person tells you that they do have General Liability Insurance, I can guarantee you that they are only carrying a policy similar to a general contractor as most insurance companies do not insure burglar alarm companies or fire alarm companies. These types of policies are normally issued by an insurance company that is specific for the alarm and security industry. NEVER allow an uninsured person to perform security installations at your home or business!

In addition to licensing and insurance requirements, a licensed security company and its employees have had training on how to properly install security devices in commercial and residential environments. They are required to attend continuing education courses relevant to their field. They know whether to use plenum or PVC jacketed wiring. They know the limitations of security systems and they will always provide service after the fact. The fly-by-night installer advertising these services illegally on social media websites, craigslist and other places does not possess the skill set necessary to recommend, sell, install or service security systems. You are just a number to them and they are providing a service with devices and components that will not last. Once they install your system, you will usually never see or hear from them again. Once they have made their money, they are gone in a flash. They will not warranty their equipment and if they do, getting it serviced or replaced will be next to impossible. NEVER allow an untrained person to install security systems and components at your home or business!

Finally, when you hire a licensed security company in your local area, you are supporting your community and small businesses! The vast majority of these companies are small, independently owned entities. They employ people in your community providing jobs and benefits for employees and their families. These companies also pay taxes, insurance, licensing fees and continuing education classes to name a few. An unlicensed person performing these regulated services are not contributing members of the community and do nothing but damage the small businesses in your area. ALWAYS make sure that anyone you hire to install a security system in your home or business is properly licensed and insured! This article deals with the laws of the State of Texas, if you do not reside in Texas or are not conducting business in Texas, please refer to your state's laws which deal with security contracting companies.

If you live in the Coastal Bend area and are interested in purchasing a security system for your home, apartment or business, visit our website at

If you feel that you have been taken advantage of by a licensed or unlicensed person performing regulated services in the State of Texas you can file a complaint online by completing form PSP-22 at the following link. Simply copy and paste it into your browser:

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